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Presenter's Name Partial Abstract Title Session Assignment Program # Presentation Time
Xiao, Shuke Robust olfactory responses in the absence of odorant binding proteins Poster
Posters without Q&A
Sunday, April 26
12:00 - 11:59 PM
Xiao, Wei Ecological drivers of CRISPR immune systems Poster
Evolutionary and Population Genetics 5 - Poster Q&A
Friday, May 1
1:04 - 1:06 PM
Xu, Bing The establishment and characterization of a zebrafish genetic mosaic system for phenotypic analysis of gene functions at single-cell resolution Poster
New Technology and Resources/Genomics and Systems Biology 1 - Poster Q&A
Monday, April 27
12:00 - 12:02 PM
Xu, L. Amanda Neural and Genetic Mechanisms of Cold Sensation in Drosophila Melanogaster Poster
Posters without Q&A
Sunday, April 26
12:00 - 11:59 PM